Lent Walk

Ezekiel 37

The preacher is asked to stand in the midst of the dead belief around him and preach the word of God.  In so doing the dead faith is given life and the ability to moved ahead in God’s presence.  Lent in many ways is like the valley of dry bones.  It reminds us that the even when we are in the dark night of the soul and we feel like there is no where to go, that the word of God will bring us life.  During Lent we are invited to be intentional about spending more time in the congregation of the believers, listening and reading the word of God and practicing disciplines that remind us that all life and strength flows from the Spirit of God.  For pastors as well as laity it is a reminder that we are enlivened through the Word of God in Jesus Christ so we can become the one whom God will use to speak his word to others.

All of us are surrounded by a valley of dry bones yearning to hear the good news of life in Jesus Christ.   Blessings on your journey through the valley of dry bones, may the Spirit of God flow through you renewing your faith and giving you strength for the journey ahead.